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Fitness is a lifestyle

You don’t have to belong to the gym to be fit. You don’t even have to lift weights. The issue is one of consistency, not location. Make fitness a way life, not a burden. Make it fun.

What is it you like to do? Do you long walks? Then walk. Maybe jogging isn’t your thing, but you enjoy riding a bicycle. Do you need more flexibility? Try yoga. If you don’t like yoga, there are plenty of stretching exercises you can do while you’re watching TV. If you like competition, join a club that offers competition. If you play golf, try to walk instead of riding a cart. If the club you play at requires a cart, take turns with the other person in the cart to alternate holes to walk. The main thing is to be active.

Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to be engaged. Find means of exercise that you enjoy and do it.

Why do you need a personal trainer?
Motivation: Sometimes you need someone to be there to encourage you to move forward and be consistent.

Method: You don’t know how to exercise. Or, don’t know how to do certain exercises properly.

Consistency: You need someone that will be there to make sure you do it.

Special needs: You have an injury or other condition that needs special attention that you can’t do on your own.

You don’t like the gym: You prefer individual attention and not a group setting.

Others: You have specialized goals that need specific training. Or, you need someone to help you with nutrition.

2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Fitness”

  1. “I believe that I can be a better husband, dad, youth pastor, neighbor, etc., the more fit I am, he said. We are able to do more and serve more as we make our fitness a priority. I’m 40, and I want to live a long time and accomplish everything God has for my family and me.” The Cooks took charge of their fitness journey to make it work for them despite challenges they encountered. Cook said he and his wife have accomplished a lot through CrossFit, something he wants others to experience.

    1. Crossfit is an excellent means of workiing towards total fitness. It’s advantage is that it mixes cardio, strength, flexible and power to achieve total fitness. For many however, it is too demanding and doesn’t work towards the specific needs of the individual. Some of my clients have physical limitations which require our workouts to focus on spicific needs, such as balance or flexibility. Some clients are just interested in being able to play golf better. In such cases we’ll do an accessment of body limitations that hinder their golf swing, and set them on an excercise program that will help them with their limitations or improve their balance, flexiblity, strength, or power, depending on their needs and goals.

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