You Are God’s Creation

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Gen 1:1

Everything God created was good. At the climax of creation God created his masterpiece in His own image -mankind (us). God created us (male and female) to be the caretakers of His creation. He didn’t give this responsibility to the angels. He gave it to you and me. This responsibility hasn’t changed. We still have the responsibility to care for all things that God has.

Adam was the caretaker of the garden. We are responsible to take care of our garden, in the largest since the earth we live on. We need to be actively involved in making sure that this planet, especially our local communities is not only hospitable to future generations, but is in better condition for them than it is for us. Taking dominion of creation should not be viewed as abusing what God has given to us, but helping God’s creation to flourish and be plentiful. We can’t improve on what God has created, but we can help maintain and increase the good of God’s creation. “Taking dominion” is active, not passive.

We are caretakers of what God has put into our immediate possession. The things we own should be viewed as temporary gifts from God. Whether it be a house, a car, or even if we rent, they are all God’s provision and should be treated taken care of. Nothing we have do we keep forever. We give everything back to God who has given them to us for our temporary enjoyment.

We are caretakers of our family. Our family is a gift from God. We had no choice in our parents, but we are the in part the only thing left of them in God’s creation. In the same way, our children will be the only thing left of us when we pass from this world. They are far more important than anything we possess.

Last, but certainly not least, we must take care of ourselves. We are the climax of God’s creation. We are the Imago Dei (image of God). We are the caretakers of God’s creation. If we are not healthy enough to take care of ourselves how can we take care of the rest of God’s the rest of the garden God has placed us in? God created six days of work and the seventh day to rest. I’m not saying one has to keep the Sabbath, but I am saying God wants us to rest from our work. Rest is an important part of being healthy. Eat healthy foods. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an occasional hamburger, just don’t over indulge or take into your body what is bad for you. Exercise. Exercise strengthens the body and gives us more energy. It helps us to be better stewards of our own selves which helps us be better stewards of all that God has put into our care.